Thursday, March 27, 2014

I don't have a niche

I'm starting a blog, and I'm going to keep up with it.

They say if you want to write a blog that people actually read, you need a niche- and there's my problem. I'm really not extreme in any one which way or another, which seems to be what most other bloggers have..I always feel so inadequate when reading these susie-homemaker blogs, so here's my niche-- I'm going to be more relatable. Here's what I will write about:

  • I like to cook, but I'm too lazy to buy all the ingredients, do lots of subbing, and I hate measuring cups
  • I want to eat healthy and clean and really try, but damn, organic is expensive and fastfood tastes too good
  • I am a "crunchy" person, but I still shop for convenience and don't make everything myself
  • I practice attachment parenting, but I work outside of the home, so I have to enforce some schedules
  • I have lots of hobbies, but I don't excel at any of them, and frankly don't have much time
  • I am Chinese-American, which means I have to pick and choose my traditions
  • I enjoy deal-shopping, but impulse buying is fun!

Does this work as a niche? You tell me.

(p.s. Did you know "relatable" is not a word? I'm getting a red squiggle)


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  2. Oh I can definitely relate to you! I love to cook but rarely have time, I just started a blog but I don't really have a niche either, and I have tons of craft projects in my head (and even supplies for lots of them) but that doesn't mean they're ever gonna happen lol. Good luck on your blog - I look forward to reading more :)